Investment Opportunities: Buying Property In The Uk In 2018

It’s currently a great time to consider buying property in the UK. This is especially true if you are a foreign investor, as following the Brexit vote, the value of pound sterling has decreased significantly. Even those with a limited budget can get started in the property investment field because there are some very cheap properties for sale in many coastal towns.

If you are hoping to make a monthly income from rent payments, it would be a good idea to look for properties in university towns. Students always need accommodation and you can make a lot of money renting a five-bedroom home to multiple students. Keep in mind that the UK is currently suffering from a housing shortage that is said to become worse in the coming years, so now is a good time to buy any type of real estate you can get your hands on.

Remember to keep an open mind when looking a different property listing. Many buyers often don’t consider the fact that they could apply for planning permission and change the purpose of a particular building. There are many abandoned business premises, for example, that could be converted into family homes or multiple studio apartments with a small investment.

For those who have a large budget, investing in real estate in London would arguably be the best idea. The capital is a global financial hub and property prices in the city are unlikely to do anything but increase in value over the next quarter century as development land becomes more and more scarce. What’s more, if the government decides to invest in new transport links, such as HS2 and airport expansions, real estate prices are likely to sore.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for good property investments in the UK, it’s time to talk to a reputable estate agent. There are many in operation in the country and a large majority do not charge potential buyers are fines for professional property advice. That said, you should also do your own independent research online and check out sites like mouseprice.

On a final note, you should know that many properties in the UK are sold via seal bidding auctions and in-person auctions. This means you need to get up to speed with how these property auctions work. If you take the time to learn about the system, however, you stand to find some very good investment opportunities.